Option Day 1


Today was our first option day where our students go to choose what they wanted to do. We had a large group of students head to Laguna Beach, which is an incredibly beautiful spot with a gorgeous beach and lots of cute shops and restaurants to explore. It was a bit of a cool morning, but after lunch the sun finally came out and we were able to have a couple of awesome hours of beach time soaking up the sun. 

We had another group head to downtown LA on something we call Project Serve. They spent the day volunteering in a soup kitchen/homeless shelter called Union Rescue Mission which is located right in skid row. Union Rescue serves 3 meals a day to thousands of people, as well as houses hundreds of people who are trying to get off the streets. Our group was split into two groups; one served in the kitchen preparing and serving the food and one was on the family floor playing with kids and doing some organizing of their clothing room. Our students really had an amazing experience and shared at our large group meeting about how their experience really helped them gain perspective and want to give back more. 

Our third group spent the day at Knott’s Berry Farm, which is a roller coaster park very close to our hotel.  It is a great park for people who love rides and they had a great time conquering some fears and crushing some coasters. 


This evening we had a great time heading to Cornerstone Church to hang out at Wave Uth, which is a local youth group run by our guest speaker for the week Gary Garcia. They brought out some food trucks for us, and we were able to hang out on their patio and use their skate park and games for a couple of hours. We ended the night with another bus battle and we heard from Gary again as well as a couple of students from his youth group. We had so much fun hanging out with them for the evening! 

Tomorrow is DISNEYLAND!