Salt Lake City


Hello everyone! Just checking in to let you know that we are in Salt Lake City and we are LOVING life! It is spring here, and everywhere we look we see beautiful tulips and green grass. What a nice change from the cold and windy parking lot where we loaded onto the bus yesterday! We are getting a little taste of the good weather to come, and it is exciting. The trip is going so well, and soon we will be in Cali! We are just spending a couple of hours in Salt Lake City to soak up some spring, do some shopping, and eat some Chick-Fil-A. In an hour we'll head back to the bus and settle in for the night as we head towards Vegas.


We would love to ask of your help as we leave Salt Lake. We have a little friendly competition going between all three buses that we call the Battle of the Buses. This runs for our whole trip, and the winning bus gets an exclusive all expense paid trip to In N' Out Burger on our last night in Cali. If you have ever been to In N' Out, you probably know how GOOD it is and how badly each bus wants to win! The Battle of the Buses includes a few different elements, some up front games and competitions and a daily Instagram challenge. But today our Bus Battle involves all of YOU! Before we left Idaho Falls we each gathered in our bus groups and presented our bus names and cheers. The videos of those cheers are posted on the Calbreak Facebook page and Instagram account. The winner of today's Bus Battle is in your hands! The bus who receives the most LIKES, SHARES, and VIEWS of their cheer video will win today's points. So PLEASE, head on over to the Calbreak Facebook or Instagram and support the bus that you are cheering for! Please like, share, or at least view the video of the bus you would like to give points to. Every little bit helps, and I know everyone on the trip would love to get all of you involved. And we would love for you to get a little glimpse of the fun we are having!

Tomorrow morning we will hit up an IHOP bright and early for a plate full of pancakes, and then it's off to Huntington Beach for the day. The weather is supposed to be sunny and 24 degrees, and we are liking how that sounds.

Thanks for checking in! We will post an update tomorrow night and let you know about all of our epic beach adventures.