Option Day

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know about another great day spent in California today! It was our first option day, so everyone got to choose between going to Knott's Berry Farm (a roller coaster park), going on Project Serve which was a day spent serving at the Union Rescue Mission on skid row in downtown LA, or heading to Laguna Beach for a day of relaxing in the sun. 


The crew at Knott's Berry Farm today had a great time, and the park wasn't that busy which was awesome for them. On a busy day the lines can be up to two hours for each ride, but today they were only about 20 min. which meant that everyone got to hit up a lot of amazing coasters. 


Laguna Beach was stunningly beautiful as always, and the crew there played some spike ball and volleyball, hit up some local restaurants with amazing views, and worked on the tans (or burns). Laguna is an amazing spot and the perfect place to spend a day. 


The team at Project Serve was split up into smaller teams and given various jobs around Union Rescue. There was one team working hard in the kitchen preparing for lunch, because Union Rescue feeds 3 meals  to approximately 3000 people every single day. So their kitchen is always busy! There was also a small group who were able to paint nails and pamper some of the women who are living there. The facility houses about 1600 people who were previously homeless, and our team got to bring some joy to some of the ladies currently living there. There was also a small group who played games (like checkers, chess and ping pong) in the men's dorm and they had a great experience as well. It was a very eye opening and humbling experience. There are literally thousands of homeless people living in a very small section of downtown LA and to see and start to understand even a little bit about their life really made the students thankful and grateful for all we have and where we come from. 


This evening we all gathered together as a group at our favourite youth group in California, called Wave Uth which is a part of Cornerstone Church in Fountain Valley. They hosted our whole crazy crew at their church and treated us so well with food trucks, a photo booth, and a special VIP lounge for our grade 12 students. We ended the night with a youth service with their youth group and heard from our speaker Sid Koop who had some great thoughts to share. It was awesome to make some new friends from the youth group and we all say a huge thanks to Wave Uth for hosting us so well tonight. 


Tomorrow is DISNEYLAND and we are pumped!