Living that Cali life!

We are in California and it is even better than we imagined! Our trip down went so smoothly, and before we knew it we woke up this morning in an IHOP parking lot in California! We stuffed our faces with pancakes, and continued down the road for the quick trip to Huntington beach. As far as beach days go, today was perfection. Perfect weather, the most beautiful setting imaginable, new friends, side walk sales. What more could we ask for? The students hit up lots of different activities at the beach today including renting a bike and riding down the coast a ways, playing beach volleyball, spike ball, sun tanning (ummm.... should I say burning), shopping the sales, eating delicious food, it was all amazing! Huntington is the perfect way to kick off a week full of adventure, and it sure didn't disappoint today! 


This evening we had a fancy banquet meal (3 cheers for free food!), did another battle of the buses (congrats to bus 3 for the win) and got the chance to hear from our speaker for the first time. His name is Sid Koop and he lives with his family in Kelowna BC. He is an incredible person and communicator, and he told us some awesome (and hilarious) stories and really got us thinking about life. 

We are now all happily crawling into a real bed, which feels AMAZING after 2 nights of sleeping on the bus. And bright and early tomorrow we are heading to Hollywood and Universal Studios! Can't wait! Check back tomorrow to hear more about our day.