We're Heading Home

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of communication in the last couple of days. Our days have been long and jam packed with fun and I didn't have a chance to blog. California Breakaway is coming to a close and we are on our way home. We are in Salt Lake City right now, and we expect to arrive home sometime in the early afternoon tomorrow. Our last couple of days in Cali were AMAZING. 

On Wednesday was another option day, and our crew split up to either go to Project Serve on skid row in downtown LA or to Laguna Beach for a chance to relax and soak up the sun. The weather was perfect, which made for the perfect beach day. We played volleyball and spike ball, ate delicious food and managed to get even a little more sunburned. The Project Serve team had an awesome time serving at Union Rescue Mission in several different areas, including the kitchen and the clothing closet. 

On Thursday we headed to San Diego! It was another option day, so the choices were Mission beach, surf lessons, or shopping at the outlet mall. Every option was great, and some good deals were found at the mall. After the options wrapped up we all met up at the Wavehouse (a local restaurant right on the beach) for an incredible last night in California. We enjoyed a taco buffet on the roof top terrace overlooking the ocean. We then headed down to the beach for sunset to take a million selfies and enjoy our last evening together in Cali. We heard from our speaker Sid one last time, and then proceeded to have an EPIC dance party. Memories were made that will last a life time, and it was so much fun. 

Yesterday we headed to 6 Flags Magic Mountain which is one of the biggest roller coaster  parks in the world. So many of our crew conquered their fears and tried out the rides and surprised themselves by how much fun they had. It was a quiet day in the park, so instead of the usual 2 hour lines for each ride it was more like 20 min. It was a great way to end off our time in Cali. 

We have had such an AMAZING trip. I wish I could fully explain in words what it has been like, how much we have laughed together, the new friendships made. We will never forget Calbreak 2017! 


Today was the day we all headed to the happiest place on earth! We have been anxiously awaiting our Disney day, and today did not disappoint. We headed to Disneyland early this morning for a full day of fun and magic! It is always so fun to watch our students skipping and giggling through the streets of Disney (yes... even the boys) as they ride the rides and eat so many delicious snacks (churros, dole pineapple soft serve, cream cheese pretzels... YUM!). Today was a day of joy and friendship. It's amazing to watch the Calbreak staff not just chaperone the students so well, but become great friends and mentors to them. And our bus groups have become more like families as new friends share so much laughter and make life long memories. Today was definitely tiring, and at last count involved about 25,000 steps. The highlights included California Screaming (the big roller coaster), Space Mountain, meeting Mickey and Minny, parades, soaring over the world, and even having a blast just standing in line together singing songs and playing games. Everyone will sleep SO well tonight after 14 hours in the park. Calbreak is full of jam packed days but we are LOVING IT! 

Option Day

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know about another great day spent in California today! It was our first option day, so everyone got to choose between going to Knott's Berry Farm (a roller coaster park), going on Project Serve which was a day spent serving at the Union Rescue Mission on skid row in downtown LA, or heading to Laguna Beach for a day of relaxing in the sun. 


The crew at Knott's Berry Farm today had a great time, and the park wasn't that busy which was awesome for them. On a busy day the lines can be up to two hours for each ride, but today they were only about 20 min. which meant that everyone got to hit up a lot of amazing coasters. 


Laguna Beach was stunningly beautiful as always, and the crew there played some spike ball and volleyball, hit up some local restaurants with amazing views, and worked on the tans (or burns). Laguna is an amazing spot and the perfect place to spend a day. 


The team at Project Serve was split up into smaller teams and given various jobs around Union Rescue. There was one team working hard in the kitchen preparing for lunch, because Union Rescue feeds 3 meals  to approximately 3000 people every single day. So their kitchen is always busy! There was also a small group who were able to paint nails and pamper some of the women who are living there. The facility houses about 1600 people who were previously homeless, and our team got to bring some joy to some of the ladies currently living there. There was also a small group who played games (like checkers, chess and ping pong) in the men's dorm and they had a great experience as well. It was a very eye opening and humbling experience. There are literally thousands of homeless people living in a very small section of downtown LA and to see and start to understand even a little bit about their life really made the students thankful and grateful for all we have and where we come from. 


This evening we all gathered together as a group at our favourite youth group in California, called Wave Uth which is a part of Cornerstone Church in Fountain Valley. They hosted our whole crazy crew at their church and treated us so well with food trucks, a photo booth, and a special VIP lounge for our grade 12 students. We ended the night with a youth service with their youth group and heard from our speaker Sid Koop who had some great thoughts to share. It was awesome to make some new friends from the youth group and we all say a huge thanks to Wave Uth for hosting us so well tonight. 


Tomorrow is DISNEYLAND and we are pumped! 

Universal Studios

IMG_7642 copy-min.jpg

Good evening everyone! We are back at the hotel after an amazing Easter Sunday at Universal Studios. We had such an amazing day! The weather was beyond perfect (sorry to rub it in... I think it may have snowed at home?!?). And Universal is such a fun park with lots to see and do. We left the hotel early this morning and made a quick stop in Hollywood to see the stars on the sidewalk and put our hands in the cement molds at the Mann's Chinese Theatre. We got to Universal at about 9:30 and everyone headed straight to the Tram ride together. The tram is a tour through the Universal lot where countless TV shows and movies are filmed. It's so fun to see actual movie sets and hear more about the movie making process. After the tram everyone was free to explore the park. Some major highlights were Harry Potter world, the Jurassic Park ride, the Mummy, the Transformers ride, the Walking Dead Haunted house... the list goes on and on! 


After such a fun day in the park everyone got together with their small group for a meal out on City Walk, which is a shopping area just next to Universal. Each group could choose where they went to eat, and it was great to spend time in our small groups getting to know each other better. After supper their was a live DJ in the courtyard of City Walk and a huge Calbreak dance party broke out. It was hilarious and fun, and our staff got to show off some of their epic dance moves. 


Tomorrow is an option day, so everyone will be either heading to Laguna beach, Knotts Berry Farm, or heading downtown to serve at Union Rescue Mission. I know it will be another awesome day! 

Living that Cali life!

We are in California and it is even better than we imagined! Our trip down went so smoothly, and before we knew it we woke up this morning in an IHOP parking lot in California! We stuffed our faces with pancakes, and continued down the road for the quick trip to Huntington beach. As far as beach days go, today was perfection. Perfect weather, the most beautiful setting imaginable, new friends, side walk sales. What more could we ask for? The students hit up lots of different activities at the beach today including renting a bike and riding down the coast a ways, playing beach volleyball, spike ball, sun tanning (ummm.... should I say burning), shopping the sales, eating delicious food, it was all amazing! Huntington is the perfect way to kick off a week full of adventure, and it sure didn't disappoint today! 


This evening we had a fancy banquet meal (3 cheers for free food!), did another battle of the buses (congrats to bus 3 for the win) and got the chance to hear from our speaker for the first time. His name is Sid Koop and he lives with his family in Kelowna BC. He is an incredible person and communicator, and he told us some awesome (and hilarious) stories and really got us thinking about life. 

We are now all happily crawling into a real bed, which feels AMAZING after 2 nights of sleeping on the bus. And bright and early tomorrow we are heading to Hollywood and Universal Studios! Can't wait! Check back tomorrow to hear more about our day. 

Salt Lake City


Hello everyone! Just checking in to let you know that we are in Salt Lake City and we are LOVING life! It is spring here, and everywhere we look we see beautiful tulips and green grass. What a nice change from the cold and windy parking lot where we loaded onto the bus yesterday! We are getting a little taste of the good weather to come, and it is exciting. The trip is going so well, and soon we will be in Cali! We are just spending a couple of hours in Salt Lake City to soak up some spring, do some shopping, and eat some Chic-Fil-A. In an hour we'll head back to the bus and settle in for the night as we head towards Vegas. 


We would love to ask of your help as we leave Salt Lake. We have a little friendly competition going between all three buses that we call the Battle of the Buses. This runs for our whole trip, and the winning bus gets an exclusive all expense paid trip to In N' Out Burger on our last night in Cali. If you have ever been to In N' Out, you probably know how GOOD it is and how badly each bus wants to win! The Battle of the Buses includes a few different elements, some up front games and competitions and a daily Instagram challenge. But today our Bus Battle involves all of YOU! Before we left Idaho Falls we each gathered in our bus groups and presented our bus names and cheers. The videos of those cheers are posted on the Calbreak Facebook page and Instagram account. The winner of today's Bus Battle is in your hands! The bus who receives the most LIKES, SHARES, and VIEWS of their cheer video will win today's points. So PLEASE, head on over to the Calbreak Facebook or Instagram and support the bus that you are cheering for! Please like, share, or at least view the video of the bus you would like to give points to. Every little bit helps, and I know everyone on the trip would love to get all of you involved. And we would love for you to get a little glimpse of the fun we are having! 

Tomorrow morning we will hit up an IHOP bright and early for a plate full of pancakes, and then it's off to Huntington Beach for the day. The weather is supposed to be sunny and 24 degrees, and we are liking how that sounds. 

Thanks for checking in! We will post an update tomorrow night and let you know about all of our epic beach adventures. 

Almost Time!

Get ready for the 5★ Experience

We are only ONE DAY away from Calbreak 2017, and this will truly be the Spring Break of a lifetime!  We want all the friends and families of our Calbreak students feel like you're part of the 5 STAR EXPERIENCE!  This blog will be updated daily, so you can feel like you are experiencing every exciting twist and turn, every thrilling experience and every aha moment with us!

So make sure you bookmark this page, share it with anyone you know, and get ready to be connected to the trip of a lifetime!